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Why Protein2o Protein is Better for You

Four-bottles-595x600With so many protein supplements on the market, it can be difficult to know which is best for your needs. If you're looking for a tasty, low-calorie source of quality protein, you can't go wrong with Protein2o. With just 60-70 good-for-you calories per bottle and a formula that's gluten-, GMO-, and lactose-free, you can feel good about incorporating this water into your daily diet. Not to mention, unlike many other protein sources available today, Protein2o has delicious natural flavoring that's free of added sugar! With flavors like Tropical Coconut and Mixed Berry, what's not to love?  
Quality Ingredients
The first thing that sets Protein2o apart from many other protein supplements on the market is the quality of our ingredients. Protein2o brings together the best quality protein with great taste in a low calorie beverage that is unmatched in the marketplace. Unlike other protein supplements that claim to contain Whey Protein Isolate on the label (but fail to deliver), Protein2o its the real deal.
Overall Protein Quality
Some people don't realize that not all protein is created equal. For example, did you know that some proteins have a very low value to your body? There's actually a score used by the FDA and other reputable agencies to assess the quality of a protein: the PDCAAS score, which ranges from 0 to 100 (with 100 being the highest quality). Protein2o brings together the best quality protein with great taste in a low-calorie beverage that is unmatched in the marketplace. The purified Whey Protein Isolate in Protein2o has the highest rated digestibility and bioavailability scores (1.0 DIASS) and a DIASS value of 110, meaning it provides 110% of the amino acid requirements specified by the World Health Organization.
Convenience and Variety
With four different flavors to choose from, you can find your favorite and mix things up from time to time as well. Plus, our protein water comes in convenient bottled portions, so you can easily grab a bottle and go. Unlike other protein supplements on the market, there is no need to prepare a shake or take any time out of your day to get the protein your body needs for the promotion of healthy, lean muscle mass.
Other sources of protein cannot only be high in calories, but they can wreak havoc on your body by causing bloating, gas, and other unwanted effects. With protein water from Protein2o, you can enjoy all the benefits of quality protein intake without the unwanted side effects associated with lactose-based protein supplements and products.

Why Protein2o Is Chosen by Health Professionals  

When it comes to protein intake for patients, two things matter most: quantity and protein quality. For health care professionals looking the recommend the best of both worlds to their patients, Protein2o is the obvious choice. Our naturally flavored protein water is specially formulated for protein quality, providing patients with the protein their bodies need in a form that is specially formulated for easy breakdown and absorption within the body.
What is Protein Quality?
Protein quality refers to the nutritional value of a protein compared to the human body's specific protein requirements. Specifically, the quality of a protein is based n the proportions of Essential Amino Acids (EAA) based on Dietary Reference Intakes. The FDA, World Health Organization, and Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences all utilize a score known as the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) to determine the quality of a protein. The scores can range anywhere from 0 (for poor quality proteins) to 100 (for the highest quality).
Why Does Protein Quality Matter?
Protein quality matters because when a person consumes a low quality protein, they are typically consuming one with a main protein source of hydrolyzed collagen, which doesn't do much good for the body. In fact, with the intake of a low quality protein, there are a number of adverse effects that may be observed in a patient. For starters, the patient's protein status may begin to decline. As a result, wounds may take longer to heal (or they may have trouble healing at all). The strength of the immune system may also be compromised. For patents that have had weight loss surgery (such as gastric bypass), it is also possible that a weight loss plateau could occur due to the body simply not getting enough quality protein. Furthermore, oncology patients could face a decreased in strength and overall energy levels—and when quality protein is deprived from the body for long enough, muscle loss can even begin to have a negative impact on the body's vital organs, such as the heart and even the lungs.
How Can You Determine Protein Quality?
These days, any producer of a protein supplement should be proactive in publishing a report of their product's Amino Acid profile and their PDCASS scores; the public has a right to this information, especially when it comes to making decisions that could potentially affect their health and well-being. At Protein2o, we're proud to share this information because we know that the protein we use in our delicious flavored water beverages is of the highest quality. Perhaps this is why so many health professionals are beginning to recommend Protein2o to their patients.  

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