Good In So Many Ways


Feeling the urge to snack? Grab Protein2o water with HydroLean and stave off those hunger pains between meals!
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You probably know that the benefits of a high-protein diet are significant but did you know that protein could also improve brain cognition?
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Energy is a word that is tossed around a lot but the truth is, a lot of products that claim to give you “energy” are simply stimulants that will eventually lead to a crash later in the day.
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lean muscle

Protein is considered by scientists as a vital nutrient to maintain and develop lean muscle. When it comes to supporting lean muscle, protein is a nutrient that will make or break your results.
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It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that protein is the closest thing on earth to the fountain of youth. Whether it is sore or damaged tissue, protein plays a major role in repairing the body.
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weight loss

Typically, when people think of weight loss they think about restricting calories or food groups, such as carbs, but recent studies show that diets higher in protein lead to increased weight loss and fat loss as compared to diets lower in protein.
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Lean Muscle

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What Makes HydroLean® Protein So Special?

Regular Protein Breakdown


Start by thinking of the protein
molecule as an entire string of pearls.

This is a simplified version of what an ordinary protein molecule would look like. Because protein is a complex molecule, the body must break it down in order to absorb it.

Now picture breaking down the string of pearls into smaller, individual pearls.

The HydroLean® protein has been broken down into smaller molecules making the protein easier for the body to digest.

The protein can easily pass through the intestinal lining and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

HydroLean® protein is absorbed up to 200% more than traditional proteins, and delivers more protein to your body to promote healthy, lean muscle.

200% More Absorbed

How Protein2o Stacks Up To The Competition

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  • 70 "Good-For-You" Calories
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Lactose, Gluten, and GMO Free
  • 200% More Protein Absorbed
  • Specially Formulated Electrolytes
Nutrition Facts

Find Your Daily Protein Number

Enter Your Weight


Enter Your Activity Level
Sedentary Recreational Competitive Athlete In the Zone
Not that active
Your Daily Protein Number:



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