Protein2o Expands Retail Presence
CHICAGO– Seizing on Americans’ love affair with protein and energy, Protein2o has logged impressive retail growth to grow the country’s number-one protein water brand. Leading the way is Protein2o’s newest innovation Protein2o PLUS Energy, which is popping up on store shelves and displays this Spring in CVS, Rite Aid, Discount Drug Mart, HyVee, Jewel, Tom …
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Protein & Energy
Protein2o, a low-calorie protein beverage water, is launching Protein2o Plus Energy, which boasts 125 milligrams of caffeine in addition to 15 grams of protein. Like all of the brand’s products, Protein2o Plus Energy is made with 100% whey protein isolate and natural flavors and is preservative, gluten and lactose-free; the caffeine it contains is derived …
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Protein2o Introduces Energy Line Extension
Much as it did when it introduced its flagship offering, protein-infused water maker Protein2o is aiming to lean — but not necessarily dive — into an established beverage category with the launch of its first line extension, Plus Energy. The Chicago-based brand, founded in 2013, announced the new three-SKU line yesterday. Plus Energy contains 125 …
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Protein2o Extends into Energy with Protein/Energy Hybrid
Capping Year that Saw Tripling of Sales, Protein2o Extends into Energy with Protein/Energy Hybrid; Recruits Someoddpilot as New Agency to Stoke Digital Activities Protein2o, fresh off a year in which sales of its protein-infused waters tripled to likely $15 mil range, is extending into energy segment with 2-flavor line that sports 125 mg of caffeine …
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The Post-Workout Drinks You Should Be Downing
Chocolate milk isn’t your only option. By Christy Brissette, RD (on Google+) Plain water is the best choice to rehydrate for most people (see these tips to stay hydrated all day ‘err day), but if you’re looking for an added nutrition boost or recovery potential, some of these new post-workout beverages could change the game. Sure, we all …
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Protein2o Hires Brian Douglas as Chief Financial Officer to Support Company’s Next Stages
Chicago (September 7, 2018) – Protein2o has experienced tremendous growth recently with increasing demand for its low-calorie protein water across a strong list of existing retail partners, as well as the addition of national distribution at Walmart, Target, Speedway and Publix.  The company recently tapped experienced CFO Brian Douglas to lead the finance function as …
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Protein craze: Tampa men’s Protein2o water hits Publix as Starbucks unveils protein cold brew
Added protein isn’t just for gym rats and body builders anymore. It’s in your Starbucks cold brew and now your water, too. Starbucks’ new plant-based protein coffee is just adding to fervor one Tampa man predicted years ago. Bob Kral, the CEO of Protein2o, saw the protein trend poised to explode more than five years …
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Beverage Makers Capitalizing on the Power of Protein – Food Business News
CHICAGO — The average consumer has little understanding of protein other than consuming more of it may improve their overall health. The health halo around protein has prompted many food and beverage manufacturers to feature claims on packaging calling out protein content. Ready-to-drink (R-.T-.D.) beverages, in particular, have seen a surge in sales and innovation. “Beverages …
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Raise a Glass to Chicago’s Next Big Nutrition Brand –
RXBar revolutionized the world of protein bars. Vital Proteins essentially built the collagen market. And Simple Mills has made gluten-free, paleo-friendly baking easier in ovens around the nation. Soon, you may be washing those products down with one that promises equal benefits in liquid form—natural and healthful substitutes for the artificially flavored, sugar-laden sports and energy drinks typically found on sidelines …
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Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Protein Shake With Protein Water –
“We like to say Protein2o is lifestyle protein,” says Andy Horrow, president of Chicago-based Protein2o. ”The inspiration for Protein2o came from the fact that consumers’ interest in consuming protein has steadily grown, but product offerings haven’t met their needs. Protein2o was born to give people functional protein without added calories/sugar in a way they will enjoy …
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