Beverage Makers Capitalizing on the Power of Protein – Food Business News
CHICAGO — The average consumer has little understanding of protein other than consuming more of it may improve their overall health. The health halo around protein has prompted many food and beverage manufacturers to feature claims on packaging calling out protein content. Ready-to-drink (R-.T-.D.) beverages, in particular, have seen a surge in sales and innovation. “Beverages …
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Raise a Glass to Chicago’s Next Big Nutrition Brand –
RXBar revolutionized the world of protein bars. Vital Proteins essentially built the collagen market. And Simple Mills has made gluten-free, paleo-friendly baking easier in ovens around the nation. Soon, you may be washing those products down with one that promises equal benefits in liquid form—natural and healthful substitutes for the artificially flavored, sugar-laden sports and energy drinks typically found on sidelines …
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Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Protein Shake With Protein Water –
“We like to say Protein2o is lifestyle protein,” says Andy Horrow, president of Chicago-based Protein2o. ”The inspiration for Protein2o came from the fact that consumers’ interest in consuming protein has steadily grown, but product offerings haven’t met their needs. Protein2o was born to give people functional protein without added calories/sugar in a way they will enjoy …
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Protein-Rich Products Perk Up Center Store
The pantry is becoming a stocking ground for protein-rich products. And that holds potential for center store, thanks to the myriad protein-enhanced staples retailers can market to today’s protein-focused shoppers. “We’re witnessing a protein revolution, with 32% of consumers specifically looking for protein on food labels,” says Dave Melbourne, Bumble Bee Seafoods’ SVP of consumer …
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9 Wellness, Fitness & Feel-Good Products We’re Loving This April –
From Khloé Kardashian’s go-to squat machine to a little device that reminds you to drink water throughout the day, here’s what we’re obsessing over this month. If You’re over downing chalky protein shakes… …give this low-calorie, protein-infused drink a try. The Protein2O line offers a range of flavors, from dragonfruit blackberry to kawaiola coconut. As …
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Protein2o Adds Gatorade Vets, $4 Million in New Funding
Protein-infused water brand Protein2o has added two beverage industry veterans to its leadership team and raised $4 million in new funding as it seeks to establish a leadership position in the segment of low-calorie protein beverages. The company this week announced that former PepsiCo executive Andy Horrow has joined the company as president and former …
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Gatorade Vets Andy Horrow and Sue Wellington Join Protein2o
Chicago, IL (July 24, 2017) – Capitalizing on explosive growth in 2017, the makers of Protein2o invested in momentum, bringing on board two former PepsiCo/Gatorade executives. Protein2o has also finalized a new round of funding to propel the brand to its next phase of growth. Joining Protein2o today as president is Andy Horrow. Working closely …
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Selling Wellness: Functional Beverages in a Digital World
Retailers are drinking up the healthy changes in the beverage category with more active promotions of clean labels and purposeful appeal. The future of beverages has decidedly arrived. Grocery store shelves that once held conventional soft drinks are now filled with beverages that boast clean labels and benefits ranging from probiotics to protein. As the …
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Amazon Dash Button for Protein2o Now Available
With the Dash Button for Protein2o, customers can easily reorder their favorite protein infused waters like Tropical Coconut and Mixed Berry with the simple press of a button. Chicago, IL (April 25, 2017) – Consumers can now stay stocked up on the nation’s best selling protein infused waters with the introduction of Amazon Dash Button …
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The Happy Athlete – Protein2o Review
Using the best quality protein, Protein2o works to refresh, replenish, and restore what your body needs. Low in calories, carbs and zero sugars, our water works as hard as you do whether you are a working parent, an on-the-go student or healing from a recent surgery. Our water works hard to take care of your body …
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