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Why Protein2o is Beneficial to Seniors  

Are you like one in four seniors who doesn’t get enough protein in your daily diet? If so, you may be noticing the effects in your everyday life. Seniors who don’t get enough protein often experience weakness, fatigue, reduced mental sharpness, and even a weakened immune system. The good news is that if you have a hard time reaching your daily protein goals, Protein2o is here to make it easier and tastier than ever before.

For starters, did you know that just two 16.9 oz. bottles of Protein2o contains the same amount of protein as five hard-boiled eggs? Not to mention, that’s without the added fat and cholesterol—two things you probably don’t want more of in your diet!

Furthermore, Protein2o…

  • Adds to your strength by promoting healthy, lean muscle
  • Makes reaching your daily protein intake quick and convenient
  • Momes in several delicious flavors and is easy to digest

Protein2o can help you get the protein your body needs to enjoy higher energy levels, better brain function, improved strength, and an overall stronger immune system. And who doesn’t want that?

Quality Protein

Not only does Protein2o taste great, but it also contains high quality, 100% whey protein isolate. Unlike other protein supplements, which often contain low quality whey protein concentrate, you can rest assured that you’re fueling your body with the best protein around. Not to mention, it doesn’t contain any lactose (milk sugar), so there’s no need to worry about potential intestinal problems that can sometimes arise in that regard.

Don’t ignore your body’s need for quality protein. Fuel your body with the whey protein isolate found in Protein2o and see the difference for yourself! We have a variety of flavors to choose from, and each bottle has just 60-70 calories each, so try them all for yourself to find your favorite!

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